"Some people think Civil Rights activists can't be fashionable. Sincere helps me dispel that myth. Her creativity and passion give me the freedom to be professional, yet sexy, current and young. My confidence is so much stronger because of Sincere's dedication to helping me find a style that fits my true personality."

~Tamika Mallory, Civil Right Activist & Entrepreneur


“My experience with One Eight was incredible! I felt like a pampered princess the whole time. Getting my hair and makeup done, as well as my dress being styled was amazing. I would recommend One Eight to anyone who has an important event coming up and wants to be styled by incredible people.”

~Andra Espinoza Hunter, Student Athlete, UCONN's Women's Basketball

“Working with One Eight went beyond my expectations. They worked with me on a photoshoot and I must say they are the very best! Their sense of style transformed me into something I could only dream of. Whether it was high end clothing brands or a plain looking shirt, they were able to make every outfit look flawless.”

~Matt Wolfe, Recording Artist

“I was nervous about what to wear to a very special and monumental event in my life...One Eight worked with my personality and my figure. They took an ordinary woman like myself and propelled me into an extraordinarily one! I felt like a star amongst the stars!”

~ Gloria Harrison, Television Producer, NBC/Universal